Work process issues & Issues with strategic/structural waste


  1. Organizations come to believe they are doing dumb stuff
  2. Many ways of creating outcomes are viewed as still being old ways
  3. There are ongoing challenges in department budgetary compliance
  4. Duplicative/redundant/un-necessary work is being performed
  5. There is decentralized purchasing for commonly used items
  6. Department results are uncoupled from organizational objectives
  7. There is perceived procurement waste
  8. Loss prevention (theft prevention) lives at the department level
  9. Staff know where opportunities exist but don't feel empowered to change things
  10. There is lots of local decision making
  11. Organizational staff are good problem identifiers/escalators but not great problem solvers
  12. Leaders hear complaints about any/all of the following: energy waste, paper waste, printer/ink waste, recycling waste, food waste, equipment waste, redundancies in paperwork, etc., . . .
  13. Departments struggle to match the performance of competitors/benchmarks
  14. Departments match benchmark performance, but have done so by increasing work burden on staff

WRx APPROACH TO REMEDIATION:  WRx launches a value enhancement program and trains all department leaders in the use of rapid re-design tools (provided by us), WRx works with Leadership to set department targets and then work with individual leaders to achieve targets.

COMMON RESULTS:  Average reduction in expense/enhancement of value 6% of target budgets (annualized)

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE USED:  VEP Portal, Express Process (Rapid re-design Tool), Fastie . . . Re-design Rubric