The Company

WRx is an evidence-based consulting firm headquartered in Hudson, FL that provides assistance to hospitals desiring to:

  • Reduce their cost of labor without reducing staff
  • Reduce their Length of stay without jeopardizing quality
  • Improve productivity by designing more efficient work processes

WRx supports mission-driven organizations whose values forces them to take the financial risks required by ensuring access to quality healthcare.

Senior Leadership Bio's

Our Mission

WRx believes that "one size" does not fit all and that health systems face unique challenges based on variables in both market and workplace conditions.   Our goal is to use our 100+ year experience in over 110 health systems to solve real-world problems in a pragmatic manner that produces measurable, sustainable results.

Our Vision

We believe that by effectively equipping our clients we can make a lasting impact on the management and delivery of healthcare services.

Our Values

  • Hard work without focus and intent yields meager outcomes. Things need to be done with a larger view and articulated purpose.
  • Integrity without courage is nothing. Courage is the power plant that allows Integrity to thrive in the face of fear and failure.
  • Teamwork requires: playing together, forgiving each other, and learning how to disagree without hurting feelings.
  • It is always better to do things "WITH" people rather than "TO" them.
  • If you can't measure an outcome, you may never be sure that you have created one.
  • Always meet disrespect with respect to maintain effectiveness. Being right is never as powerful as being effective.