For CMO's

The next 3 years promise to bring a lifetime of change to the practice of medicine.

Several factors ensure this is true:
  1. Transitions in the relationship between payers & providers,
  2. Changes in the financial relationship between medical staff & their hospital partners/employers
  3. The transition of volume based care to Value based care
  4. The onset of ICD-10 with its infinite complexities and new host of rules
  5. The intrusions of technology and more prescriptive care (standard order-sets)
  6. A greater focus on individual performance
  7. The diffusion of ownership and conflicts in the definition of whose patient is whose - and who gets to make decisions at key points of care

These and many other issues conspire to guarantee a period of conflict and a diffusion of focus for even the most adaptive medical staff.

WRx pursues a single mantra in its approach to change that is quite familiar to the Medical community, First do no harm.  Our only goal is to provide transitions from, what is to what could be with as little angst, anger or concern for outcomes as possible.  We strive to balance the needs of all key constituencies before locking in change.

In order to do so, WRx includes physician leaders in ALL its activities from diagnostic phase right through change management.  Listen for a moment to what a couple of physicians say about our work:

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