Founder Bio - Charlie K. Dawson MBA, CPC, President

Mr. Dawson married strong mathematic and pattern recognition skills to the world of consulting in 1987 when he combined the analytical skills of physics with business process principals. By devising successful new methodologies for identifying, measuring and remediating business problems Mr. Dawson garnered wide industry appreciation culminating in his partnership in a now publicly traded consulting firm. During his career he has successfully concluded engagements that included leading functional redesign activities with some of the world's best known organizations including: Southwest Airlines, McCloud USA, Schwab Online, Methodist Health System (Houston), and many others.

Along the way Mr. Dawson wrote 6 books on business topics including:

  • "The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting", 1999, Management Advantage, Inc.
  • "The Human Resource Technology Handbook", 2002, CRC St Lucie Press
  • "What Ails Us . . . 5 diagnosis of the American Healthcare experience", Due 11/2009
  • "Back in the Day - What our Grandparents knew about running a company", 06/2010

Mr. Dawson has been published/interviewed for over 20 magazines and online venues, has delivered over 100 speeches and continues to provide guidance as a member of various associations, boards and industry collectives.

Mr. Dawson's approach to consulting starts with his belief that while there are organizations that are exceptional in certain disciplines, every organization needs to create its own "Best Practices" based on its unique operating circumstances. As a result, Mr. Dawson has pioneered a structured process that assists organizations in discovering how to adapt and evolve existing resources to meet changing business demands.

Perceiving a growing need, In 1999 Mr. Dawson made the choice to focus a majority of his time providing operational support in not-for-profit healthcare and in 2005, he founded Workforce Prescriptions as a means of carrying his unique methodology to the broader market.

Charlie is married with 2 adult children and 2 children still in the home. He and his family live in a bedroom community of Tampa, FL.

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