Operational Diagnostics (OEA - Operational Effectiveness Audit)


  1. Hospital leadership continues to see erosion of profit but does not have a concrete grasp on root causes or lacks confidence in their plan for going forward.
  2. Previous initiatives to improve productivity or performance have met with varying degrees of success.
  3. Efforts to improve profitability have led to considerations of downsizing.
  4. Staff & leaders are suffering from change fatigue but more change is still necessary.
  5. Operations are optimized to align with a volume driven business rather than a value driven model.
  6. The organization & leaders have grown to distrust 3rd party solutions providers.

WRx SOLUTION: WRx launches an operational effectiveness audit (OEA) that gathers 1500 data-points, 5 surveys and performs a detailed root-cause analysis with specific recommendations for remediation.

WRx APPROACH TO REMEDIATION: WRx provides one, some or all of the solutions outlined on our site.  WRx has developed hundreds of process & software tools to enable people & outcome friendly change.

COMMON RESULTS: 6-20% improvement on bottom-line financial performance.

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE USED: WRx Client Portal, WRx Survey Generator, WRx Analytics, WRx Report Writer