WRx has developed a best in class methodology for ensuring organizations are reimbursed for work performed without engaging unwanted regulatory scrutiny or undermining outcomes through a variety of services/solutions:

Documentation Optimization (See attached ECDI slide-show below)


  1. CMI level doesn't appear to explain resource consumption
  2. Changes in CMI don't match with changes in productivity (and the reverse)
  3. Sicker patients aren't increasing revenue
  4. Increases in observation volume are radically eroding profitability
  5. It feels like were working harder but getting paid less
  6. CDI staff don't exist or are capturing less than $3,000,000 per year in under-documentation per head
  7. CDI/coding staff have to chase physicians to resolve issues on back-end of care (after-the-fact)
  8. Medical staff appear disengaged with changes in reimbursement, LOS, re-admission, bundled payments or any other inevitability

WRx APPROACH TO REMEDIATION: WRx develops a collaborative clinical issue identification process, trains around upstream identification of under-documented co-morbidities, automates to support changes & ultimately transitions the competency for documentation TO THE PHYSICIAN.

COMMON RESULTS: WRx's average annual result is quadruple the industry CD standard for revenue enhancement (with or without an existing CD competency).

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE USED: Rounding Tool, CDI Capture Tool, Documentation Audit Tool

WRx ECDI (PowerPoint Document)