Hospital Waste Recapture Calculator

Answer all the questions listed below to have your estimate automatically calculated.

Annual Net Inpatient Revenue (i.e., $150,000,000)
Annual Inpatient Salary & Benefits (i.e., $76,500,000)
Current LOS (i.e., 4.9)
Best LOS (lowest LOS achieved 3 times in last 3 yrs) (i.e., 4.7)
Annual Contract Labor & Agency Spending (i.e., $1,000,000)
Annual Overtime Spending (i.e., $2,000,000)
  Yes No
Are staff REQUIRED to swipe in at a "home" time clock per department?
Do managers ever have to both call and cancel staff in the same week?
Do census driven departments have enough part-time staff to flex when volumes drop?
Do patients ever wait for more than a day for placement to another facility?
Do ancillary departments prioritize "non-emergent" workload by the target discharge date of patients?
Do nurses spend time each shift "shopping" for needed/hidden equipment?
Are all nursing forms automated with "pre-populated" patient data?
Do support departments flex when census drops (HR, Finance, IT, etc.)?
Are productivity measures based on a midnight census?
Are you tracking productivity by cost per productive hour of labor?
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