For CNO's

Senior nursing leaders in healthcare are faced with an ever-expanding set of diametrically opposing forces.

Yet they are expected to meet these conflicting priorities with grace, aplomb and perfect outcomes.  As difficult as this may sound, nursing leaders tend to be able to accomplish what's required as long as they have access to 4 things:
  1. An honest view of current operations and outcomes
  2. An understanding of the gap between the organizations current results and those now required
  3. The knowledge of the full range of options & alternatives available to make desired changes
  4. Belief that proposed changes WILL NOT damage people or outcomes

WRX prides itself in providing all 4 as required components of every engagement.  We understand how many jobs the average nurse takes on and exactly how hard they are already working.  Our goal is to reduce work burden, increase time at the bedside and reduce the amount of time nurses spend in dumb or redundant tasks while increasing their visibility and perceived value with the balance of the care team.

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