For CFO's

The greatest challenge healthcare financial executives' face is NOT measuring, calculating & reporting on the financial status of their organization (or components of it).  The greatest challenge they face is in gaining access to the actionable business intelligence that allows them to CHANGE the outcomes they already know how to measure.

Many means, methods and tools developed for healthcare fail to:
  1. Capture & report essential business levers/drivers
  2. Translate those drivers into readily consumable visual outputs
  3. Provide valid internal comparative analytics designed to squash excuses
  4. Enable SR Leadership level change control

WRx built its business model on solid, science-based analytics intentionally developed to create all 4.

When the data points to an uncertain financial future, hundreds of health systems turn to WRx to provide an evidenced based approach to change that is sustainable, internally measurable and carries a one-of-a-kind financial guarantee.

Take a moment and listen to what a few CFO's have said about working with WRx:

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