For CEO's

The founders of WRx are serial entrepreneurs with experience building and managing everything from a 4 man technology start-up to a Fortune 500 company.  With more than 25 years spent as 3rd parties' providing operational, human capital and financial optimization services, we've seen quite a bit.

Yet we can still be surprised.

From our vantage point, it appears the only certainty for healthcare in the immediate future is:

The industry MUST find a way to produce better outcomes, for sicker patients on less money.

This is nearly impossible with the combination of competing agendas and increasing regulatory intrusion.  It feels to most executives as if healthcare has become a virtual, tower of babel with each group talking in its own unique voice.

Healthcare now speaks the languages of government, medicine, of bedside care, of financial stewardship, of quality, of efficiency and of control (or lack thereof).  The only way to craft a sustainable future is to find a way to enmesh these languages through:
  1. Common goals
  2. Common definitions
  3. Shared vision
  4. A solid belief in the necessity of change
  5. A true belief in the value of achieving change

WRx considers itself one of the first corporate polyglots.  We have invested decades in learning the languages of healthcare and in learning how to translate each to the other.  Take a few minutes to assess whether we have achieved fluency by listening to what a few peers have to say about engaging us:

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